Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sketcher's Shape Up? or Ship Out?

I was approached by a woman wanting my input as a trainer, on the latest fad shoe-Sketchers Shape Ups. I had seen the commercials just like everyone else claiming a" firmer behind, toned legs and core and improved balance." WELL.... I come at everything like this a little skeptical but I agreed to try them out for her.(She has knee pain and didn't want to try them out if I thought they would be harmful).

So I took them out of the box today and put them on. My first reaction was WIEEEERRRRD! They look kind of bizzare, or rather DORKY (if I can use an old school word). Kind of like a Moon Shoe. It felt like I was walking on 16 layers of sole. The rounded heel instantly caught me off balance and I had to try to catch myself from toppling over. WELL-GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION!


I generally know what I am doing when it comes to walking but I found myself having to constantly readjust how my feet hit the ground. I felt like a total goof ball. I tend to hyperextend my knees back when I stand and this just exacerbated this. With my bearings in check I headed out the door to try them 'in the real world.' If I wasn't consciously activating my glutes and trying to step with a flattened foot I had the potential to really do some damage to my knees, ankles or lower back.

Each time I took a step sideways it threw me off balance a bit. These shoes definitely take some getting used to because you are constantly and consciously forcing the stabilizers to activate. For the women who are unfit and try these out, I would caution strongly against them outside the home for fear of falling.

My best suggestion for the shoe is to use them in a gym setting when you are working on core and balance. I did a set of squats with one of my clients today wearing the shoes and it really made me think of driving through the midfoot when I stood up. You can not use your heels to press into the floor because it is rounded, and you would have a Humpty Dumpty incident on your hands.

Bottom line: wear them cautiously-consciously-carefully. I would not try to run in them because it is an unstable surface and the chance of falling is greater. If you are moving quickly on your feet, I would not suggest them either unless you have had time to really get used to them.

(and.. lastly... Can't we make them any cuter????)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ok so you may have been wondering if I have fallen off the planet or taken a trip to the moon, and the quick answer is probably yes to both. My previous existence on this planet has been altered by an absorption of my couch and processed foods that I had been forced to give up during my Ironman training. While life has been good, all too good in the past few months, it is now time to get back to my functioning self and burn some calories again.

Motivation has finally struck back, and so has my mood to recap the last few months to anyone who has a few minutes to sit and listen or rather, read.

However, not tonite. :-). (teaser, yes, I know)

It's bed time. I have another day of trainings and motivational ideas, and ...etc ahead of me and I need my beauty sleep so I can at least look cute while I am squirming in my chair b/c I am being forced to sit still for longer than my body and brain can sustain in one day.

Nitey nite... but fear not.... the blogger is back :-)