Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ok so you may have been wondering if I have fallen off the planet or taken a trip to the moon, and the quick answer is probably yes to both. My previous existence on this planet has been altered by an absorption of my couch and processed foods that I had been forced to give up during my Ironman training. While life has been good, all too good in the past few months, it is now time to get back to my functioning self and burn some calories again.

Motivation has finally struck back, and so has my mood to recap the last few months to anyone who has a few minutes to sit and listen or rather, read.

However, not tonite. :-). (teaser, yes, I know)

It's bed time. I have another day of trainings and motivational ideas, and ...etc ahead of me and I need my beauty sleep so I can at least look cute while I am squirming in my chair b/c I am being forced to sit still for longer than my body and brain can sustain in one day.

Nitey nite... but fear not.... the blogger is back :-)

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