Thursday, May 7, 2009



Oh lordy! I have heard that before. Only my calves do not feel like they are going to split apart.. ITS MY FEET!! THEY FEEL LIKE THERE IS A HUGE STEAK DRIVING THRU MY INTERMEDIATE CUNEIFORM BONE..(like that anatomy) AND CUTTING OFF CIRCULATION TO MY TOES!!

But Ok.. I'll play along since you actually DO know what you are talking about. So bring on the ART! (WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?) Have you ever had ART???? I kind of live on it, but geeeeeeesh! I fortunately had my face down when my Dr. was working on my calves or he would have thought I was a wussy for tearing up! Why does everything good for you have to either taste bad, or feel bad?

Ok so I was supposed to 'try that' and see if it felt any better. Which it didn't. My run yesterday was 5 miles. 10 min warm up, then 1 min hard, 2 min easy, 1 min hard 2 min easy. Well after 30 minutes I couldnt feel my toes anymore, but the pain under my midfoot was excruciating! So I stopped and walked a minute. Got feeling back in my foot and went at it again. I changed it to 1 min hard, 3 min easy, and after 8minutes I couldnt feel my toes again. I walked up this huge hill that took 3 min, got feeling back in my feet, and then ran the rest of the way home. Took off my shoe, and sure enough.. toes were a bit whiteish. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING HERE???? ANYONE, ANYONE????? BUELLER? BUELLER???

URRRRGH. This is so frustrating! I'm more than half tempted to just cut off my foot at my midfoot and just run with out toes. I may have a SLIGHT balance problem.. so maybe I'll just keep my big toe around. Big toes are like thumbs. Kinda need them but only realize that after you break one and can't use it for a while.

On a positive note, our pool is open again and I had a great work out this am. I called my class WET SUIT WEDNESDAY.... It was great. People brought their wet suits in to practice if they had never worn them. I love it when people get in the water for the first time with a wetsuit on and realize.. HOLY MOLEY.. I FLOAT!!! Seriously.. if you have never swam with a wetsuit, and you plan on doing an open water swim, GO PRACTICE first! Especially putting it on, zipping it, and taking it off. That is probably the most difficult part.

So here is my swim work out for the day. I liked it. (I made it so of course I liked it.. )But that's not always true. Sometimes I don't like them.

2x200 swim
100 kick
4x 75 Drill Swim Swim
2x200 pull
6 x 50 80% up 100% back
2x200 pull
8 x 25 odd-free sprint even -kick on back sprint
2x200 pull
10 x 25 1/2 lap prone scull with freestyle kick 1/2 lap ALL OUT SPRINT :10 sec rest inbetween


Only a few people got to the sculling part during class and I loooved watching them realize how hard that was. Sooo... I had to do it with them. YAAY. I looove feeling the burn in my shoulders and chest when I swim. Feels SOOOO GOOD! Seriously.. I really do love it. And it had been over a month since I have been in the water so it just felt even better!

Have to say, after a wake up of 330am, great class, great swim work out, frustrating run, and prob one of the most challenging yoga classes yet, I feel like I am nowhere near where I need to be for my IM training. I have GOT to get in some seirously long rides this weekend and figure out these darn toes!

The question is... TOES.. OR NO TOES..?????

Do they make prosthetic toes???

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