Friday, May 1, 2009



So yesterday I got back on my 'clean eating' schedule and for lunch decided on a healthy bowl of Quinoa. It's health benefits are wonderful as it is a complete protein grain. It supplies all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern. However my amino acids are now somewhere floating down the Mississippi River.

ew gross I know.

So I sat down for lunch and put a little cajun seasoning in it for some flavor, and some red wine vinegar. It really IS good. I didn't make it through the bowl when my stomach started to cramp up and have some major abdominal pains. I started to figure it was this STUFF. For the past month, I have gotten these random stomach aches that felt the same, but I never put it together. I had one a few weeks ago before a race after I had eaten my oatmeal. (I mixed in Quinoa Flakes with my oatmeal.) I just chalked it up to pre race jitters or the oncomings of the stomach flu. Once before I had mixed some with Activia Yogurt and I thought, 'well.. probably too much fiber.' This time, I KNEW. So I immediately ran to my computer and googled "Quinoa stomach ache?" and HOLEY MOLEY. I found all sorts of similar reactions. Who Knew? AND WHY THE HECK DON'T THEY PUT SOME SORT OF WARNING ON THE PACKAGING!!!!

I know you are supposed to rinse it thoroughly before/during cooking, but this stuff was pre-rinsed and claimed to be ready to cook and eat. Yes it was also organic so I was hoping that was another good method of preparation.

I laid there doubled over in front of the computer for a while until I just couldnt take it anymore. I had to try to make myself throw up. It didn't happen. Then about an hour later.. I didn't have to try. And I didn't have to 'try' anymore for the next 4 hours. I thought at some point I was going to have to have someone take me to the ER. The pain and cramping in my stomach was just about unbearable! I was sweating, shaking, vomiting and moaning.

Wanna date? :-)

After I saw the last of it, my stomach finally settled down and I was able to get down two pedialyte popsicles and some partial chicken and pita.

Just a warning to you.. if you are cooking Quinoa.. even if it says pre-rinsed, rinse it again to get rid of any left over saponins. If you see that frothy, soapy film.. GET RID OF IT.. wash it off! That is TOXIC to your body.

Apparently people can eat Quinoa for months with no reaction, then suddenly.. BOOM! Your intestines revolt against you, your stomach joins in and commits hate crimes inside you until you rid yourself of the demons created from KILLER QUINOA.


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  1. omg, I wish I read this before I ate that quinoa yesterday!!