Tuesday, October 23, 2012


SOOOOOO, Were Back.

WELCOME to Project R4.

This is going to take on a journey from injury to racing-FROM SCRATCH! We WILL be competing in one more IM before "Project Baby." (which is hopefully taking place next Aug/Sept)   I have learned a few things in the last couple of years about perseverance, determination,  rehabilitation, and cake. I have lost a lot of money signing up for races I eventually couldn't compete in.  I have learned that no matter what you think about your abilities, your body is always one up on you. I have learned that sometimes I don't know my body best, or what's best for my body- or at least what I 'thought' was best----ok or what I just 'wanted' to be best. And I have learned that I love cake.

Sooooo-Today, Tuesday October 23, 2012-Im going to vow to be consistent with my rehabilitation, and smart about my activities and have a purpose for what goes in my mouth. (shut it you sicko's)

Yesterday I got the diagnosis of a torn ATFL in my left foot. 7 weeks ago I stepped out of a car the wrong way and rolled my ankle laterally-outside. It hurt like a MOMMMMMMA and fortunately I was on my way to my chiropractor anyway. Throbbing like crazy the whole way, when I reached her house-she immediately set me up with ice and elevation and "just so happened to have kinesio tape already cut for a lateral ankle sprain"---SERIOUSLY! I hobbled on it for a few weeks, and then finally got a diagnostic ultrasound on it. Showed major inflammation. Not so good. But from there we decided to get X-rays because the pain was pretty bad and it didn't seem to be getting better-more like a bit worse. X-rays were clear. A few weeks go by and now 7 weeks post injury had a follow up ultrasound to see how inflammation was doing-oops... too much inflammation in the way of an obvious tear in my ATFL-anterior talofibular ligament.  Google it. Its kinda underish-in front of ish, the ankle bone. Worse case-6 months no running. Worse Worse case-surgery! But we're so not going there. Treatment: boot/brace/ water running/anti-inflammatory diet/Graston when needed/Lotta Love.

Last nite I came home and dug out that old boot I had such a hatred for when I broke my RIGHT foot in 2010. However once I slipped it on it almost felt like cotton surrounding my ankle. OOOOOOHhh it felt so good. Damnit! I am not giving in to the boot!   Only at home ...ahhhhhhh

So On with the boot, and off running. I vow to start with GETTING MY CORE STRONG AGAIN! AND, making time to swim. I think I need a new gym otherwise I talk too much to people I know. It's been 3 years since my last race so I am starting from S CRA T C H!!!! Fighting multiple small injuries for over a year now this one will be just another set back to ground zero.

It's all good! I'm going to document the journey up's and down's and hopefully more up's! Life is really all about the lessons you learn

Breakfast-Oatmeal and cooked pears with maple syrup, pecans, craisins, nutmeg and cloves. NO WHEAT! (wheat is a pro inflammatory-didyaknow?)

PROJECT R4 is underway!

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