Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Multiple Personality In Order!

IT'S VERY FRUSTRATING when you're wrong and someone else is right-again! 

So Dr. L told me to wear a brace or a boot. I don't want anything in the world to do with that damned boot ever again. I don't know why I held on to it. But I did. And it feels good when its on. 


So I'll wear it around the house and the dumb brace in public. How annoying all over again. I swear!

Ok, so the rest of Today is NOT SUCK! 

I dug out some of my torture devices I use on clients and literally sat down and worked out a program for this 'new client I'm training with a bum foot.'  So apparently I have to create an alter ego and train her. This outta be interesting! I'll have to treat her just like any other client, and make her show up to scheduled workouts, that have a progressive plan. Tell her to quit whining and when she starts bargaining for an easier exercise....HA-LAUGH MWHAAAHAHAHA!  I could treat her like crap and get my inner "Jillian" out on her. 

So if my mother reads this she will sigh, because she always has known I have multiple personalities. When I was younger and I did something stupid, I would say to my mom that I didn't do it, but the 'bad Kristen' did. I would walk away and get the 'Good Kristen' and she wouldn't get in trouble. Its actually very stupid because if I left her to go get the 'Good Kristen' then I was obviously the 'Bad Kristen' when I got caught and I would have been punished immediately before I could change back from werewolf to human. However, my mom was a good mom, and she let me stew in my own conscience until I fessed up. Or convincingly blamed my younger brother.  

Anyhooo, so if I have to make up an alter ego, and have potentially weird conversations to her about her glute med's-THEN SO BE IT!

New Client: Gina

seriously-my goal is to tell her from "Jillian" .....

".....DAM GINA!!......."

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